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How Old Will You Be In Heaven?

“After you die and go to heaven and meet your husband again, will he be thirty-three or seventy or eighty? And how old will you be? It would be strange for you, over seventy, to meet him at thirty-three.” I asked her one day.

She was Anglican and had a very strong faith. She firmly believed that after she died she would go to heaven, where she would be reunited with her very kind and handsome husband, who had died when he was thirty-three.

After confronting my question, She was confused, because she had never asked herself that question. She had just assumed that they would meet again.

Sometimes our faith is just that SIMPLE.

We never really question our beliefs because we still live in the past and hope for a better deal in the future.

However, I doubt our capacity to enjoy the Heaven, if we ever make it that far, given the fact that many of us can’t even appreciate the wonders of living, the bliss of modern civilization, and the miracle of simply being alive.

For me ( Though I admit I do need to remind myself often), Heaven is right here, at this moment, this place, with this very breath as I type out my heartfelt words with my fav rosemary tangerine tea at my service.


A favor needed! Do you have any thoughts or a more philosophical answer to the question” How old will you be in Heaven”? Please do share with me 🙂 Much appreciate it!



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11 thoughts on “How Old Will You Be In Heaven?

  1. When we die…we leave our body right?…its just the soul that reach heaven… It may be so different than we actually can think…
    Atleast..thats what i think.. 😉 Its really a nice post..


    1. So sweet of your comment 🙂 You made me double think what I wrote. Just realized that the question I phrased actually implies the existence of heaven, which we often times take it as granted. But what if the very idea of heaven is false? …..
      Thank you so much for your insights 🙂


      1. 🙂 well.. I think.. the idea of heaven (or a reward after this life) the “hope” that keeps many going… even in midst of so much troubles… The idea “we” have about heaven may be false…
        Thank you…


  2. I think hell and heaven are concepts made by religions to encourage humans in doing good deeds over bad ones. It serves as a guide at the time of making a diffcult choice. So, I do not believe in hell and heaven but I do believe in karma though.


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